NuArt designs
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Vintage-Clock   Back in Time Brooch
FC1004   Blooming Time Pendant
Signature-vintage-pearls   Cleopatra Necklace
CPE   Copper and Pearl Earrings
CPN   Copper and Pearl Necklace
Copper-Leaves   Copper Leaves Collar
CLsE   Copper Leaves Earrings
CMWB   Copper Memory Wire Bracelet
CPLOC   Copper Pearl Leaves Open Choker
WCC1   Copper Pearl Open Choker
Copper-Weave-Choker   Copper Weave Choker
Copper-Weave-Cuff   Copper Weave Cuff
DPCN   Delicate Swarovski Pearl /Copper leafs Necklace
Beaded-Copper   Druzy Copper Necklace
Fish-Choker   Fish Copper Choker
Hammered-Pearl   Hammered Copper Choker
Hammered-Copper-Cuff   Hammered Copper Cuff
Time-Rest   Time to Rest Necklace
Turquoise-Stone   Turquoise Copper Necklace
TB   Turtle copper layers Brooch
Twisted-Pearl   Twisted Copper Pearl Choker
Twisted-Choker   Twisted Hammered Copper Choker
Weaving-Choker   Weaving Copper Choker

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