Our Artist

Nurit Niskala- Artist Of Fine Art To Wear.

NuArt Jewelry owner

Coming from a long lineage of traditional jewelry artisans, Nurit first discovered her artistic ability as a child. While professionally trained as an architect, she found herself taking on a full time banker position to provide for her family.

After experiencing clinical death while giving birth to her youngest daughter, what she explains as an NDE (near death experience), Nurit decided to follow her true passion: Art.

“This experience completely changed my life. It made me realize that our time here on earth is limited, and following your true passion is the only recipe for a healthy and happy life”.

For the next decade, she was the proud owner of Nurit Designs, a successful clothing line with distribution across Europe. In 2004, she settled with her husband, Keith, in New Hampshire and established NuraBella Jewelry.

Nurit’s designs are best described as Art to Wear. She is not bound to any formal techniques, and her inspiration comes from nature, cultures, and her surroundings. She is a true master of her art, combining untraditional colors and elements into timeless handmade pieces.

*Proud member of the Prestigest League Of NH Craftsmen.